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HTTP Error 403.7 - Forbidden

Most Likely Causes:

  • The page you are attempting to access requires an SSL client certificate.
  • You are not using one of the accepted browsers.
  • You are browsing to the page using HTTP.
  • Your local security policies are blocking/interrupting network traffic.
  • The client certificate has expired or the effective time has not been reached.
  • The root certificate (the Certificate Authority certificate) of the client certificate issuing server is not installed on the Web server.

Follow these troubleshooting steps to select the correct certificate:

  1. Close the browser.
  2. Remove your PIV card from the reader, then re-insert it.
  3. Open the browser again.
  4. Go back to the logon instructions to select the correct certificate.
For system requirements and instructions how to correctly select a certificate, please refer to the AU User Guide

If you are unable to resolve the issue:

Email with the following:
  • Your Name/Phone/Email
  • Agency you work for.
  • Operating System and Browser version

Send comments or questions to

Make sure to include screenshots and your Browser and OS information

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